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Escândalo Financeiro: Papa Francisco Tirando dos Pobres para Dar aos Ricos?

Humm...documentos vazados dizem que o Papa pediu à fundação americana Papal Foundation, que é comandada pelos bispos americanos e ajuda os pobres no mundo todo, que desse dinheiro para um hospital católico corrupto, acusado de lavar dinheiro na Itália.

Papa Francisco tirando dinheiro dos pobres para dar aos ricos?


Vejam parte do texto do Life Site News, leiam tudo clicando no link

Leaked docs raise question of Pope’s personal role in new Vatican financial scandal

ROME, February 20, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Leaked documents obtained by LifeSiteNews connect the Pope himself to a new Vatican financial scandal and raise serious questions about his global reputation as the “pope for the poor.”
LifeSiteNews has obtained internal documents of the U.S.-based Papal Foundation, a charity with a stellar history of assisting the world’s poor, showing that last summer the Pope personally requested, and obtained in part, a $25 million grant to a corruption-plagued, Church-owned dermatological hospital in Rome accused of money laundering. Records from the financial police indicate the hospital has liabilities over one billion USD – an amount larger than the national debt of some 20 nations.
The grant has lay members of the Papal Foundation up in arms, and some tendering resignations. Responding to questions from LifeSiteNews, Papal Foundation staff sent a statement saying that it is not their practice to comment on individual requests.
Speaking of grants in general, the Papal Foundation said their mission has not changed. “The grants to help those in need around the world and of significance to the Holy Father are reviewed and approved through well-accepted philanthropic processes by the Board and its committees,” it said.
Lay membership or becoming a “steward” in the Papal Foundation involves the pledge “to give $1 million over the course of no more than ten years with a minimum donation of $100,000 per year.”  Those monies are invested in order to make a perpetual fund to assist the Church.
However, the majority of the board is composed of U.S. bishops, including every U.S. Cardinal living in America. The foundation customarily gives grants of $200,000 or less to organizations in the developing world (see a grant list for 2017 here) via the Holy See.
According to the internal documents, the Pope made the request for the massive grant, which is 100 times larger than its normal grants, through Papal Foundation board chairman Cardinal Donald Wuerl in the summer of 2017.
Despite opposition from the lay “stewards,” the bishops on the board voted in December to send an $8 million payment to the Holy See. In January, the documents reveal, lay members raised alarm about what they consider a gross misuse of their funds, but despite their protests another $5 million was sent with Cardinal Wuerl brooking no dissent.
Along with this report, LifeSite is publishing three leaked documents. Access them herehere, and here.

‘Negligent… flawed… reckless’

On January 6, the steward who until then served as chairman of the Foundation’s audit committee submitted his resignation along with a report of the committee’s grave objections to the grant.

The controversial hospital

The lay members of the board have good reason to be concerned about the supposed recipient of their generosity. Pope Francis asked for the funds to be directed to the Istituto Dermopatico dell'Immacolata (IDI), a dermatological hospital in Rome that has been plagued with corruption and financial scandal for years.
On May 15, 2013, ANSA, the leading news wire in Italy, reported “police confiscated over six million euros worth of property and bank accounts as part of investigations into alleged corruption at the Italian hospital group Istituto Dermopatico dell'Immacolata (IDI).”
The news of Vatican financial corruption connected to the IDI hit international headlines in 2015 with a June 20 Reuters article showing the Italian magistrates suspected Vatican Cardinal Giuseppe Versaldi diverted 30 million euros destined for a Church-owned children’s hospital to the Church-owned IDI.
Another ANSA piece from 2016 reported, “Finance police discovered IDI was 845 million euros in the red and 450 million euros in tax evasion while 82 million euros had been diverted and six million euros in public funds embezzled.”
In May 2017, La Repubblica – the only newspaper Pope Francis says he reads – reported on court rulings revolving around the IDI detailing twenty-four indictments, leading to a dozen convictions, some of which carried over three years in prison. The court recognized the evidence from the financial police including “about 845 million euros in balance sheet liabilities and over 82 million in diverted funds, plus the undue use of another 6 million public funds.”

‘He is the Pope, and we listen to him’

On January 19, after numerous calls and emails among lay members supporting the audit committee’s position, the Foundation’s executive committee sent a letter trying to placate the donating members.
That document, sent by Foundation President Bishop Michael Bransfield, and signed by Cardinal Wuerl, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, as well as several Stewards on the executive, highlights that the request for the donation came directly from Pope Francis. They wrote:

The Papal Foundation’s record

The Papal Foundation has a stellar record of assisting the Popes to support the poor, largely in developing nations. Since their first gift to Pope St. John Paul II in 1990, the Foundation’s fund has grown to over $215 million, and has given a total of $121 million in grants and scholarships.
From a look at their recent grants it is evident that the use of funds heretofore has been above reproach. The wealthy American Catholic families funded the building of churches, monasteries, schools and seminaries in impoverished nations. AIDS hospices, facilities for care of youth with physical and mental disabilities, and the like have also benefited from their generosity.
It seems this scandal is the first in the 30-year history of the organization. The executive letter states: “It is true that over the last fifteen years, if not longer, most of our donations have gone to the poor, and most of those poor have been in the poorer countries of the world.” It acknowledges that throughout the organization’s history, “almost all of the decisions of the organization were made with near unanimity of the Board.”

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Theodore Dalrympole: O Estado Islâmico Francês. Macron o "Grande Imã".

Emmanuel Macron deseja "estruturar" o Islã na França, para que não se tenha "extremistas" no país e as mesquistas na França não seja financiadas por países muçulmanos.

Humm...por que será que o Islã precisa disso?

O renomado psiquiatra e autor de diversos livros imensamente vendidos no mundo, Theodore Dalrympole, comentou essa vontade de Macron.

Dalrympole lembrou o ateísmo de Macron, o secularismo francês, o fato de que mesquitas na França são financiadas por países muçulmanos e mostrou que o estado francês se enche de muçulmanos para tentar conter o Islã, mesmo que esses próprios muçulmanos dentro do governo saibam que isso é impossível.

O site Jihad Watch detalhou o que Macron deseja fazer. Macron deseja:

1) Determinar um "Grande Imã", que seria responsável pela doutrina islâmica na França (hummm...nem a Arábia Saudita consegue isso, nem na história do Islã pós-Maomé se conseguiu);

2) Proibir que países estrangeiros financiem mesquitas, financiando as mesquitas com dinheiro público, retirado de um imposto sobre os produtos comprados por muçulmanos (hummm...o estado secular francês financiando mesquitas?);

3) Fiscalizar o treinamento dos imãs (hummm...isso não incentivaria ainda mais a radicalização, tendo o estado laico invadindo uma religião?).

Mas repito: por que mesmo o Islã precisa disso tudo? Será algum problema com o Alcorão e o Maomé?

O texto de Dalrympole foi publicado no City Journal.

Vejamos um pedaço de texto:

State Islam in France
Theodore Dalrympole, 16 Februray 2018.

Asked once whether he believed in God, French president Emmanuel Macron replied, “That’s a real question, a complex question. I undoubtedly believe in a transcendence. I am not sure any more that I believe in a God. Yes, I believe in transcendence.”
Another real and complex question for him to answer is that regarding the relationship of the French Republic with Islam. France is a militantly secular country whose militancy has seemed only to grow stronger as the Church grows weaker. France rejects all connection between religion and state; in the mouth of a French intellectual, the words très catho (very Catholic) sound more like an accusation than a description. The ghost of Marshal Pétain—who replaced “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” with “Work, Family, Fatherland”—still rides.
Macron seeks something different. He wants to “structure” French Islam, with a view to undermining extremism and foreign influence. It is said that North African and Persian Gulf states pay some 300 imams in France; they also pay for the construction of new mosques (which is illegal). However, the financing of mosques is very murky: the mosques do not render very clear accounts, hiding behind financial regulations for non-profitmaking organizations that are much less stringent than those for religious organizations.
A Muslim adviser to President Macron, Hakim El Karoui (who, like the president, once worked for the Rothschild Bank), has suggested that there should be a Grand Imam of France, as well as an organization that concerns itself with the financing of mosques and the education, training, and payment of imams—all under the aegis of the state. In other words, the French Republic would be the ultimate arbiter of Islamic theology. This is a far cry from secularism. El Karoui himself recognizes the futility of the arrangement when he says: “Imams are trained by the state in the whole Arab world, but that has not prevented the fundamentalists from prospering.”

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"Comer Cahorros, Não!" - Imigrantes Comendo Cachorros na Itália.

Outro dia, eu li que imigrantes nigerianos que mataram uma moça chamada Pamela Mastropietro na Itália podem ter comido literalmente ela, é o que dizem o psiquiatra Alessandro Meluzzi e um criminologista, um vez que o corpo de Pamela foi encontrado desmembrado, sem algumas partes, sem ossos e lavado em alvejante.

Agora leio que imigrantes nigerianos na Itália estão comendo cachorros. Os ambientalistas estão reagindo para proteger os cachorros, sobre a Pamela, eles não disseram nada.

Os nigerianos além de trazerem uma cultura total diferente para a Europa, o que inclui o hábito de comer, trazem também a máfia nigeriana, muito conhecida na África e até no mundo.

Não li nenhuma reação do Papa Francisco sobre o assassinato terrível da Pamela na Itália, será que se juntará aos ambientalistas?

Que horrendo e satânico tudo isso.

Vejam o texto do Breirbart sobre os nigerianos e os cachorros na Itália . 

Culture Shock: Italians Aghast as Immigrants Barbecue Dog at Welcome Center

Animal rights activists are up in arms over attempts to barbecue a dog at an immigrant welcome center in southern Italy, with migrants insisting the practice is normal where they come from.

Members of the Carabinieri, an Italian military police force, intervened immediately after receiving a call from an employee of the center who had witnessed the scene of a 29-year-old Nigerian man intent on roasting a dog at the center in Vibo Valentia, in the Italian region of Calabria.
The man had succeeded in skinning and chopping up the canine and was in the process of grilling it for himself and some friends when he was stopped by law enforcement officers. The young woman who called the police also volunteers at a pro-animal organization in the area.
Explaining to police that such a practice is “normal where we come from,” the migrant insisted that he didn’t kill the dog but had found it dead by the side of the road and had decided to grill it. He also pleaded ignorance of Italian laws forbidding eating cats and dogs.
Police transferred the migrant to a different welcome center, located in the former Hotel Miragolfo in the nearby town of Nicotera.
Among countries of origin, Nigeria accounts for the largest single group of migrants entering Italy at present, with nearly twice as many (15.7 percent) Nigerians entering Italy during 2017 as those from Guinea, the second largest immigrant group by country of provenance (8.4 percent).
This African nation has been the focus of much local media attention in recent weeks, with reports of growth of a “ruthless” Nigerian mafia on Italian soil, and the brutal murder and dismemberment of an 18-year-old Italian girl, Pamela Mastropietro, allegedly at the hands of three Nigerian migrants.
Mastropietro’s dismembered corpse was discovered earlier this month in two suitcases outside the central Italian town of Macerata, but was missing her neck, heart and genitals. The body had also been deboned and washed in bleach.
A prominent Italian criminologist said that the modus operandi in this case matched methods typically adopted by the Nigerian mafia.
What we have seen in the case of Pamela are the same methods the Nigerian mafia systematically employs in Nigeria and elsewhere,” Meluzzi said. “It is a routine to cut victims into pieces and, in some cases, to eat parts of their bodies.”
Troubling as well have been reports of startling percentages of female Nigerian migrants into Italy who wind up as prostitutes, whether by choice or coercion, and become virtual slaves of the Nigerian mafia.
Currently, some 80 percent of Nigerian girls and women migrating to Italy end up in prostitution, a form of sexual slavery from which the girls and women have no recourse. Roughly half of the prostitutes currently working in Italy are Nigerians.
Nigerian traffickers have exploited Europe’s migrant crisis to traffic girls across the Mediterranean to Italy to force into prostitution. From 2014-2016, more than 12,000 Nigerian girls and young women arrived in Italy, and of these, some 9,400 wound up as sex workers.

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Dep. Gowdy: "Mostre-me uma Lei que Previna Ataques a Tiros em Escolas"

O deputado Trey Gowdy deu o tom correto do debate sobre posse de armas nos Estados Unidos: "mostre-me uma lei que previna esses ataques a tiros em escolas que eu assinarei na hora".

Leis são feitas por homens, homens são o limite da lei, não é possível banir qualquer pecado com leis. Um povo é mais respeitoso que outro não por conta de leis, mas por conta da cultura/religião.

Nos Estados Unidos, há muitas leis de controle de posse de armas, mas não conseguem conter a violência terrível que ocorreu na Flórida contra inocentes crianças e jovens.

O estado de Chicago é o o estado onde ocorrem mais assassinatos nos Estados Unidos e é o estado com leis mais rígidas para posse de armas.

No Brasil, é proibido a posse de armas, e a matança é do tamanho de uma guerra civil, em escolas, ruas, etc.

Aliás, quem usa a arma é quem determina se faz certo ou errado, a arma não é culpada em si.

Como disse Cristo, o pecado está no coração dos homens e não fora dele.

No meu livro sobre Guerra Justa, eu discuto por exemplo a ideia de se alcançar a paz na Terra, algo que filósofos com gigantesca mania de grandeza como Immanuel Kant imaginaram ser possível, com uma teoria cheia de buracos lógicos e históricos.

Não é possível, o homem é um ser pecador. Paz verdadeira só em e com Cristo.

Claro que devemos tentar inibir que os assassinatos ocorram e devemos punir os assassinos quando ocorrem, mas imaginar que é possível banir assassinatos com leis é simplesmente não saber o que é o ser humano.

Para diminuir os crimes no Brasil, nos Estados Unidos ou em qualquer lugar do mundo precisamos melhorar a cultura e o povo.

Rezemos pelas vítimas.

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Vídeo: Gays Dominam Vaticano como Dominam o Carnaval.

Você também acha que os gays e lésbicas tomaram conta do Carnaval? O Carnaval sempre foi um período de orgia gay mais liberada, mas agora eles chegaram ao poder.

O mesmo ocorre com o Vaticano. Por décadas houve lobby gay no Vaticano, mas com o Papa Francisco, os gays estão no poder, a ponto de alguns imaginarem que o próprio Papa pode ser gay, como é o caso do blog Mundabor.

Foi essa sensação que tive sobre o Vaticano quando vi o vídeo do Vortex. O vídeo fala do números de cardeais, bispos e padres que ou são gays ou apoiam os gays e estão recebendo apoio do Papa e estão muito bem posicionados na hierarquia do Vaticano. O vídeo diz algo que precisa ser repetido sempre: "quem apoia a sodomia, não tem fé no sobrenatural, acha que a Igreja é apenas uma instituição humana".

Infelizmente, para quem gosta de carnaval e não é gay, vai ser quase impossível tirar o poder dos gays sobre o carnaval. Será também extremamente difícil retirar o poder dos homossexuais dentro do Vaticano, depois que chegaram ao topo. No caso do Vaticano, a gente pode contar, graças a Deus, com o Espírito Santo.

As portas do inferno não dominam nem dominarão a Igreja, mas elas atualmente, no mínimo, estão derrubando vários obstáculos, chegaram na mesa do Papa Francisco.

Precisamos rezar muito pela Igreja. Muito mesmo. Precisamos fazer a nossa parte na guerra cultural que vivemos, defendendo Cristo e rezar, implorando por intervenção divina.

O site do Church Militant disponibiliza o texto do vídeo, vejam abaixo:


Time is running out.

February 12, 2018

Has it appeared "odd" to anyone else that there are so many promoters of sodomy around Pope Francis? Hardly a week goes by where some outlandish gay thing after another fails to make an appearance in some manner, shape or form — from reports of the gay orgy in the apartment of Cdl. (Francesco) Coccopalmerio's assistant near the end of last year to Abp. (Vincenzo) Paglia's homoerotic painting to the gay-themed Nativity set in St. Peter's Square to gay cheerleaders Fr. James Martin and Fr. Thomas Rosica's special jobs in the Vatican bureaucracy to a very gay-friendly company running aspects of the Vatican's communications apparatus to the infamous line in the Synod on the Family's 2014 Midterm Relatio that homosexuals have certain gifts and qualities, an idea sneaked into the document by Abp. Bruno Forte, known to be extremely gay-friendly. It's so much, people are wondering when the Dome of St. Peter's is going to be painted pink. And believe us when we say those examples are just the tip of the iceberg.
The ascendancy of the homosexual clerical culture really took off in Rome and other quarters of the Church decades ago — slowly at first but then has picked up steam. Pope Benedict even admitted recently that he had encountered a group of four or five homosexual cardinals he had to deal with.
Pope Francis at the beginning of his pontificate created international headlines when he admitted privately there was a gay lobby inside the Vatican. Of course, many people became very concerned when the Holy Father appointed Msgr. Battista Ricca to head up the Vatican Bank. Ricca was reported to have carried on a gay relationship with a captain in the Swiss guard during his time in Uruguay  — so notorious in fact that clergy there appealed to the Vatican to have him removed. It was Battista, as a sidebar, that Pope Francis was talking about back in 2013 when he gave his well-documented comment, "Who am I to judge?"
It's also important to note that privately various orthodox types in the Vatican and Rome are expressing deep concern that homosexual practice in the Vatican "has never been worse," as recorded this past summer in multiple news reports. The Vatican has been overrun by a gay culture which promotes its own kind from within. The great danger, here, is of course that active gay clergy or those who support it cannot be transmitters of the authentic faith. They are living lives or supporting others who live these lives which run in complete contradiction to the tenets of Catholicism, yet they seem to have control over practically everything in the Church. And it has a supporting or trickle-down effect throughout the Church.
For example, in next months, virtually heretical Religious Education Congress — sponsored by Los Angeles Abp. Jose Gomez — one pro-homosexualist after another dot the lineup of invited speakers. Privately, here in the United States, priests will tell you that a gay mob runs practically every level of the Church which we have ample proof of in Cdl. Timothy Dolan's archdiocese of New York. Last month, a homosexual priest came out to his parish at Sunday Mass in the archdiocese of Milwaukee, and Abp. Jerome Listecki praised him and said Catholics should support him.
Father James Martin is allowed to openly lie about Church teaching in parish after parish and diocese after diocese, and practically no one in the hierarchy says a word. In fact just the opposite, they come out and support him and even one-up him in their assaults against the Faith, saying gay couples can receive Holy Communion as Cdl. Blase Cupich did in Chicago or that we can just ignore all that sin stuff and have a pilgrimage for gays like Cdl. Joseph Tobin did in Newark, New Jersey. And on the other side of the Atlantic, Cdl. Reinhard Marx has come out publicly and said the Church should begin blessing same-sex unions, something Abp. Johan Bonny of Antwerp, Belgium, had already called for a couple of years ago.
All over the Church in the West calls for the embracing of sodomy from the hierarchy are accelerating and increasing in volume. They style it as respect and compassion and human rights etc. But what is at the heart of this is sodomy, plain and simple? Nobody is saying that people struggling with their crosses, whatever type of cross they have, should be treated in any other way than with compassion and respect. Of course they should. It even says that in the catechism. But it is a bridge too far to call on Catholics to accept the sin, thinly veiling it as love when it is anything but love. Call it what it is, it's sodomy. And these bishops and cardinals cannot support what they claim to support without also supporting that.
These gay unions that they want to bless, uplift and support are unions centered around the belief that sodomy is a perfectly legitimate expression of their feelings of love for each other. At some point, reasonable minds have to pose the question: is the reason so many prelates and cardinals are pushing so hard for something that affects so few people because they are homosexuals themselves? Seriously, if Martians landed on earth tomorrow, they would think the Church was the gay rights lobby in robes. It's practically all they ever go on about.
These men are sowing confusion and error in the hearts and minds of the faithful, as well as promoting an evil agenda which the world embraces, and they are using or rather abusing their authority and influence to do so. They need to repent of their wickedness before they die or hellfire awaits them. And they need to publicly admit the horrible circumstances in to which they have placed many souls, pushing them to the precipice of Hell.
What the laity have to understand is this simple fact as hard as it is, maybe, and as unpleasant it is to think about it; these men hate the Church, even while they claim to love it. They hate the Truth because it convicts them and their consciences and exposes the evil that they harbor. And they hide all this evil and contempt and scorn for the Church under cries and appeals for compassion and kindness, something they are unwilling to extend to souls who actually need it.
They have found in Pope Francis, who cares about mercy, even to the point of allowing confusion to foster, a man whose strings they can easily tug, using that "mercy" argument to hide their real agenda which is an overthrow of the Church. A final warning to them since they have no supernatural faith — and you cannot have supernatural faith and behave like this — they are incapable of seeing the Church in a supernatural way. To them, it is a merely human institution that can be altered and refashioned according to the whims of mere humans. But the Church is not merely human. It is a joining, a mysterious union between God and man, and as such it belongs to God.

He will not allow this to continue much longer because the rabid gays in the Church are now touching sacred things, wanting to declare that which is evil, good, and that which is good, evil. When Our Blessed Lord sets about to offer correction, it's usually a fearsome prospect.

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Viés Esquerdista da Imprensa Matematicamente Provado e o O Antagonista.

O viés esquerdista da imprensa mundial é tão explícito que por vezes fica matematicamente provado. Vejam o caso da Associated Press acima. Ela diz: "Presidente Trump envia ao Congresso plano de gastar 4 trilhões de dólares que fará déficit explodir".

Bom, essa mesma Associated Press reportou duas vezes que Obama tinha plano de gastar os mesmo 4 trilhões dólares, somando 8 trilhões de dólares, mas dessa vez Obama estaria "combatendo terrorismo e mudança climática e ajudando a classe média".

Vejam abaixo:

Será que os gastos de 4 trilhões de Trump não vão ser gastos com combate ao terrorismo e nem ajudará a classe média?

Hoje em dia, os jornais pelo mundo de forma generalizada combinam esquerdismo com estupidez pura e simplesmente.

Eu sei, o esquerdismo sempre vem acompanhando da estupidez intelectual.

Mas por vezes sites que alguns chamam de direita também mostram muita estupidez.

Vejam o caso de "O Antagonista" no Brasil.

Em geral, esse site é muito bom para atacar o PT, o Lula, o MST, o MTST, o Temer, o Renan Calheiros, mas é péssimo na hora de mostrar de que lado moral está e muitas vezes é simplesmente estúpido até pelo ele mesmo costuma escrever.

Eles dizem: "somos jornalistas, não temos lado".

Hummm....conta aquela do papagaio.

Vejamos um caso recente.

O Antagonista disse que o Trump é igual a Dilma, porque o Trump reclamou que há muita Fake News na mídia e que não se reporta o que o governo fez de positivo.

Por isso, Trump seria igual a Dilma que reclamava da imprensa.

Bom, reclamar de Fake News todos os políticos de hoje reclamam, seja de direita ou de esquerda, a própria Europa está tentando endurecer as leis contra "fake news, e isso é apoiado até pelo próprio O Antagonista. Recentemente, o site apoiou a Folha de São Paulo sair do Facebook por conta de Fake News, apesar de dizer que vai continuar no Facebbook (hummm...hipocrisia, não?).

Disse O Antagonista: "O Antagonista apoia a Folha, mas continua no Facebook. Por um motivo simples: não dá para sair do mundo, mesmo que a gente não goste do mundo ou o mundo não goste da gente."

Hummm....tamanha hipocrisia.

Reclamar que a imprensa não reporta o que um governo fez de bom é mais velho que andar pra frente entre políticos. Já devia existir na Roma antiga.

Finalmente, eu diria que Trump é tão igual a Dilma quanto a lojinha de 1,99 da Dilma é igual ao império milionário de Trump. Ele é tão igual a Dilma quanto a democracia da Venezuela apoiada pela Dilma é igual à democracia dos Estados Unidos de Trump.

(agradeço as notícias da AP ao site Weasel Zippers)

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Católicos de Hong Kong se Levantam em Apoio ao Cardeal Zen.

Enquanto o Papa Francisco recebe apoio do Partido Comunista chinês por ele ter se rebaixado às demanda do Partido, os católicos de Hong Kong se levantam em apoio ao Cardeal Zen, que faz uma luta global contra as decisões do Papa Francisco na China. O cartaz acima diz em chinês "Nós Apoiamos Cardeal Zen".

E o jornal Wall Street Journal avisa: "Hei católicos chineses, vocês que estão vendo o Papa Francisco se rebaixar ao ultra comunista, Xi Jinping, tenham medo, tenham muito medo".

Rezemos pelos católicos da China e de Hong Kong, pelo Cardeal Zen, e para que o Papa Francisco saiba onde está Cristo na China.

Vejam texto abaixo do UCA News sobre os católicos de Hong Kong.

Cardinal Zen's opposition to China deal gains online support

Young Hong Kongers back the prelate's disapproval of the Vatican's dealings with the Chinese Communist Party

A Hong Kong designer released a frame image on Feb. 6 featuring the five Chinese characters shown above, with a yellow wave pattern. The words read 'We support Cardinal Zen.' Younger Facebook users have composited this with other photos and images to show their support for the embattled cardinal. (Source: Facebook)
ucanews.com reporter, Hong Kong
Hong Kong

February 9, 2018

Young Catholics in Hong Kong are taking to Facebook to support Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun, days after the city's sixth bishop blasted the Vatican for preparing to "surrender" to the Chinese Communist Party amid speculation of an agreement between the two sides on clerical appointments.
Legions of social media users in the semi-autonomous region are now changing their profile pictures to show their support for the retired cardinal.
The framed image was created by a Hong Kong designer with the Christian name Dominic. It features a yellow wave at the bottom with five Chinese characters superimposed on it. Facebook users can then add any other image on top of this, for example a photo of Cardinal Zen, a cartoon anime — or as is proving most popular, their own face.
"Seeing so many Catholics support 'grandpa' spontaneously, I decided to make this Facebook profile picture frame for them to use," the 38-year-old told ucanews.com, using an affectionate local moniker for the cardinal, who was named cardinal in 2006 and his term ended in 2009.
The five Chinese letters spell out the phrase "We support Cardinal Zen." The second character from the left implicitly identifies him as a martyr by showing Jesus on a crucifix through its use of red-and-white coloring.
This image "represents all of the clergymen who are suffering on the Chinese mainland," Dominic said.
The yellow wave evokes both the Vatican flag and blog posts by Cardinal Zen in which he refers to the church's troubles in China as a storm to be weathered.
"We are unafraid of the storm because we believe in God," he wrote.
Christianity has made inroads in China since the Tang Dynasty in the 8th century but missionaries were expelled when the communists rose to power in 1949.
In recent decades the two have formed something of an uneasy truce despite Beijing demolishing churches and dictating which pro-government clergymen should be appointed and ordained.
The new Facebook meme was co-designed by another Hong Konger, a 29-year-old who gave his name as Peter. When asked if he was accidentally helping to ignite a 'cult of personality,' he said, "If anyone chooses to interpret it that way, it's their business. I certainly never saw it that way."
Another local person, who declined to be named, said that if a cult were being formed then posters of the pope and bishops of local dioceses would be strung up at religious venues across the city, which is not the case.
Hong Kong's youth have shown in recent years they are not prepared to be bullied or silenced by Beijing's encroaching control of the city after the 1997 handover back to China from the UK.
Only this week a senior appellate court threw out trumped-up charges against Joshua Wong and two other activists who were instrumental in leading the 2014 "umbrella" protest movement in the territory.
"Young people are not that quiet but I cannot stop them," Cardinal Zen was quoted as saying.
He implied he would not try to stop them voicing their opinions against either China or the Vatican.
The retired cardinal pointed out that many older Hong Kongers also disagree with some of the gestures by the Holy See.
"I went to Mass at a cathedral [recently] and afterwards many sisters passed by and said quietly, 'I support you! I support you!'"
The retired cardinal added: "I don't like to make noise because there has already been too much noise."
Another Hong Kong local, a 36-year-old who gave her name as Giana, said she adopted the cardinal's meme on her Facebook page because she admired his courage and outspoken attitude.
"The Holy See does not understand our Hong Kong Catholics and the situation of the church in China. Now even the pope wants to compromise with the Chinese government," she said.
"Cardinal Zen is the only one sticking to his convictions with a conscience and telling the truth."
Another local Catholic, 30-year-old Michael Law, said he uploaded the meme to "express my love for him amid all the flak he has taken in recent days."
"We need the voice of a prophet even more now. Cardinal Zen is more than a shepherd — he is a living testimony to true religious freedom, and an example for young people to [follow]," he said.
He said the Catholic Church has built a strong reputation as a defender of human rights and personal freedom, even organizing non-violent protests in the past to resist former autocratic regimes in the likes of Poland, South Korea and the Philippines.
"I'm concerned that this Sino-Vatican agreement will further weaken the moral prestige of the church and narrow the rich mission of evangelization since the advent of Vatican II," he said.
Others in Hong Kong fear the spread of yet another cult of personality.
"I don't need to change my Facebook profile picture because I don't want to be labeled as supporting some kind of cult," said another young Catholic.
"However I support the cardinal and consider him a role model."

sexta-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2018

Livro: Como é Viver em uma Casa LGBT, com Pai e Mãe Gays e Pedófilos?

Moira Greyland é filha de pais famosos. A mãe é Marion Zimmer Bradley, autora do livro "As Brumas de Avalon" que fez muito sucesso no mundo e o pai era famoso numismático (especialistas em moedas antigas). Ela escreveu o livro acima com referência à mãe dela com o subtítulo "O Lado Negro de Avalon".

A mãe era lésbica e pedófila, participante  do primeiro grupo defensor de lésbicas dos Estados Unidos. O pai era gay, participava de grupos defensores de pedofilia gay e foi condenado como pedófilo. Além disso, a mãe e o pai usavam drogas e eram praticantes de magia negra.

Como é viver em uma casa LGBT com pai e mãe pedófilos e praticantes de magia negra? Nem posso imaginar.

Moira foi abusada sexualmente desde os três anos de idade!!

Ela diz que as pessoas costumam falar que os pais delas eram maus porque eram maus e não porque eram gays. Mas Moira discorda. Ela diz que o problema é um problema filosófico moral que é muito comum hoje em dia em que muitos defendem que qualquer ato sexual é bom não importa que tipo. Moira também diz que toda criança de lar LGBT tem uma coisa em comum: sofre pela falta do pai ou da mãe, verdadeiros pais e mães.

Vejam o relato do site Life Site News

Daughter of famed sci-fi author reveals sexual horrors she suffered growing up in LGBT home

February 8, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – The daughter of famed science fiction author Marion Zimmer Bradley has written an autobiographical account revealing the horrors of growing up in a home raised by LGBT parents who repeatedly sexually abused her and her brothers.
“I have heard all the customary protestations. ‘Your parents were evil because they were evil, not because they were gay,’ but I disagree,” writes Moira Greyland in her new book, The Last Closet: The Dark Side of Avalon.
“The underlying problem is a philosophical one that is based on beliefs that are not only common to gay culture but to popular culture. And this is the central belief: All Sex is Always Right No Matter What,” she wrote.
I had both biological parents in the home, but both refused to act like traditional parents,” writes Greyland. “I needed my father to protect me and to see me as a girl instead of refusing to protect me and seeing me as an amorphous nothing who competed with him for boys. I needed my mother to love me and hold me and comfort me instead of being a terrifying, angry dictator. Worse than that, I was expected to not want them to love me and protect me, or to act like normal parents. I was supposed to be happy that they were doing their own thing, no matter what they did to us.”
The Last Closet has been an Amazon bestseller for weeks as a Kindle e-book, and is scheduled to be published as a print book this month. Over one hundred readers have reviewed it, and virtually all have given it five stars.
The book recounts Greyland’s life with her mother, who was the author of The Mists of Avalon and many other famous works of science fiction and fantasy, and her father, Walter Breen, who was a world-renowned authority on numismatics. Both identified as “gay,” both abused drugs and were involved in occult practices, and both were pedophiles, Greyland says, a claim that has been confirmed by her only surviving brother
The couple’s LGBT ideology was constantly imposed on the children by both parents. Greyland says that Zimmer Bradley expected her to take on masculine mannerisms and to become a lesbian, and was disappointed in her attraction to the opposite sex, accusing her of being a “breeder.” Greyland also had to hide from her parents her conversion to Christianity which would have been received with terrible derision.
Alarmingly, Greyland reveals that her parents’ sympathetic views of pedophilia and pederasty had been a public fact for decades, one known particularly among science fiction and fantasy fans who attended fan conferences. Science fiction fans documented his molestation of at least ten children by 1963, which had only resulted in his temporary exclusion from the largest science fiction fan convention, Worldcon, and was never reported to the police. Breen continued to attend conferences for many years afterward, baiting children he targeted with abuse with various science education gadgets that would attract their attention. 
Greyland writes that Breen was an open member of the “North American Man-Boy Love Association,” and he saw his pederastic proclivities as a natural consequence of his homosexuality. He and Zimmer Bradley jointly published a journal on pederasty and pedophilia, The International Journal of Greek Love, in 1965 and 1966, and Zimmer wrote an article for it treating lesbian pedophilia in a positive manner.  
s awareness grew of Breen’s molestation of children among Berkeley science fiction fans in 1963, a newsletter was published about the problem that came to be called the “Breendoggle,” which openly speculated that Zimmer Bradley was tolerant of Breen’s behavior. However, the truth about Zimmer Bradley’s own sexual abuse of her daughter did not come to light until 2014, when Greyland was asked about her parents’ connection to pedophilia by the blogger and science fiction writer Deirdre Saoirse Moen.
Greyland’s response, published in Moen’s blog, received heavy coverage by major media outlets worldwide, including The Washington Post, The GuardianDie Welt, and Entertainment Weekly. Many fans and former acquaintances of Zimmer Bradley denounced her, and some even burned her books.
“The first time she molested me, I was three. The last time, I was twelve, and able to walk away,” wrote Moira Greyland of her mother.
“I put Walter in jail for molesting one boy. I had tried to intervene when I was 13 by telling Mother and [Zimmer Bradley’s girlfriend] Lisa, and they just moved him into his own apartment.”
“I had been living partially on couches since I was ten years old because of the out of control drugs, orgies, and constant flow of people in and out of our family “home.”
The family’s secrets began to unravel in the late 1980s, when Moira, now an adult, personally saw her father sexually abusing a boy and reported him to the police. Her testimony ensured a third conviction after an earlier arrest and conviction in the 1950s. Soon after, police uncovered the previous conviction as well as other accusations of sexual molestation, and prosecutors were able to send Walter Breen to prison for the rest of his life. Breen never repented of his acts, and always defended them, treating himself as a victim of an ignorant and backward society. He died of cancer while in jail awaiting transfer to long-term imprisonment.
Zimmer Bradley and her lesbian partner Elisabeth Walters went on the record in ensuing civil litigation admitting to knowing about Breen’s proclivities, and ultimately agreed to pay a civil settlement to Breen’s victims. However, their fans remained generally unaware of Zimmer Bradley’s own acts of sexual abuse until Moira and her brother Patrick began to speak publicly about it in 2014. 
The trauma suffered by Moira and Patrick was so great that both of them chose a new last name, “Greyland,” to repudiate their parents’ last names. The abuse was not only sexual, but also physical and psychological, and was so savage that both siblings continue to suffer from powerful symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.
Greyland says she has spoken to many others who were raised by LGBT parents and their stories are very similar to her own. 
“Every single child of gay parents with whom I spoke had certain things in common,” she writes in The Last Closet. “Those with only same-sex parents in the home ached for their missing parent and longed for a real father, and nearly all of us had been sexualized far too young.”